Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Confessional April 3, 2011

I confess. My bookshelf is a mess. Weighted down with books, not in any order, some vertical, some horizontal with no more room to cram another book. Not one! Am I compulsive book buyer? Not really. At least not anymore.

Several years ago I snapped up any book I could find. Book sales? I was there all three days. Rummage sales? A perfect way to get them cheap. Birthdays? I asked for gift cards to the local book store. But lately, nah, not so much.

Why then, considering how many books I read, are my bookshelves sagging in the middle? It's because I don't read my own books. You darn book bloggers are making me "see" books I have to read! Books I might not have considered in the past but you, yes YOU, make them sound oh so good. It's terrible! I see a book that you gave a great review to and I hop onto my library's website to request it. I can't see buying any more when I have so many left unread at home. Besides, a due date makes me get to them that much quicker.

So how do I solve this unsightly mess in my bedroom? I have made it a goal this year to read 1-2 books off my own bookshelf each month. I take them down from the shelves, dust them off and insert them into my TBR pile. So far it's working. Eye Contact reviewed a couple of weeks ago is one of these and Cul-de-Sac (review scheduled) is another. At this rate I might actually have 5 or 6 to bring to our annual Book Club book sale later this year!

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  1. I have enough books to keep me busy for years and I still buy them like crazy!