Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Confessional- Super Bowl Sunday

I confess. I love Superbowl Sunday. I don't like football, nor do I care what teams get there. Some people watch it just for the commercials or the half-time show. I don't watch either. Why then do I love Superbowl Sunday every year? The food of course!

Every year someone in our family decides to throw a Superbowl party and everybody brings an appetizer type item. There's always such a fun variety of foods and new recipes to try out. During the afternoon the die hard fans watch the game. The rest of us play cards. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to go home a few dollars richer, always I go home a few pounds heavier.

This year the extended family wasn't able to pull a party together due to snowbirds being gone and my mom staying with her father to take care of him, but I still decided to have a little party just for my immediate family. I made ham & turkey sandwiches, baked beans, hamburger spread for french bread, bean dip, jalapeno poppers, crab spread, chips and dip and salsa, crackers & cheese, and cereal bars. Even with the small group I have it's still all about the food!

What about you? What do you enjoy most about Superbowl Sunday?