Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Room: A Novel by Emma Donoghue *Review*

Jack is 5. Mr. Five now since he's just had a birthday. It's now time for Jack to grow up and find out there is more to the world then just Room. He doesn't understand anything about the world since he's never seen it, only on TV which he thinks each channel is a different planet, it's all fantasy. He was born in Room and besides his Ma and mean Old Jack, that's all he's ever seen. He's comfortable there...it's his home.

But Ma yearns for the life she had before Room. The life her JackerJack has never seen. And one night she comes up with a plan...

Room was a very unique story. I really enjoyed reading about the life Ma had created for her and Jack within the confines of an 11 x 11 room. The importance she placed on cleanliness so they wouldn't get sick, the Phys Ed they did so their bodies wouldn't atrophy, the games she invented and the stories she told to keep their minds sharp. She loved Jack immensely- he was all that she had.

Made up almost entirely of dialog, Room is a quick read once you finally get the rhythm of the way Jack speaks, as it is him that is telling the story from his own perspective. For the creative way Ms. Donoghue chose to tell Jack's story I give this book 3/5 stars.

**My friend Sheila from Book Journey has a great review of this book as well, with a Spoiler Button page to fully discuss the book without giving things away to those still reading it. Check it out here!