Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf *Review*

Two parents in two separate households not that far apart wake up to find their seven-year-old daughters missing.

Calli is a selective mute. She stopped speaking at the age of four and no one knows why. Petra is her best friend and her voice. The friendship shouldn't work or be that close but it is. The girls spend most of their time with their heads bent together- Petra coming closer to hear, maybe, the thoughts in Calli's head. She seems to intuitively know Calli's likes and dislikes, feelings and fears better than most.

When it's discovered they're missing a police search is formed right away, a clue left behind suggesting that someone was involved- that the girls didn't just wander out to play.

When Calli runs out of the forest behind the girl's homes bruised and bleeding and clutching Petra's necklace she mutters just one word and the search picks up. Calli's mother can't get a hold of her father to tell him what's going on and he's not where he said he would be. Does he play some role in this taut mystery?

Calli is taken to the hospital to be checked out and the police desperately want to talk to her. But even though she has broken her three-year-silence to utter one word, she can not bring herself to push out more.

Recommended by my friend Lori from Books Are My Magical Escape The Weight of Silence is an excellently written book that is edge of your seat worthy.