Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Confessional

I confess. I hate getting my hair cut. I'm one of those people who are usually doing two things at once. When I'm cooking supper I'm also reading the paper. When I'm playing cards I'm writing out my menu plan while my son shuffles and deals. I can't stand sitting in the chair at the hair salon and doing nothing for a half hour except look at myself in the mirror. So I put it off for so long that my family is about ready to put a leash on me I look so shabby.

Once cut I have another problem. I am going prematurely gray. I'm only 43, I shouldn't have a head of gray hair but it's starting to go that way and after it's cut the shorter look just emphasizes it. So after the cut I head for home to color it, which I confess, I also hate. I don't like the look of my hair when first colored because it seems so one dimensional. After a few days the different colors start coming through but at first...bleh! I told my son one of these days I'm going to get the guts up to do something really daring- at least for me. I saw a young lady the other day with short semi-spiky black hair and a patch of neon pink right up by her bangs and I loved it! So next time you see me I just might look like this: