Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Snapshot 4/9/2011

Alyce from At Home With Books hosts a weekly meme called Saturday Snapshot. To participate all you have to do is post a photo taken by you (or a friend or family member.) Please make sure it is clean and appropriate for all eyes to see and leave a direct link to your post at the Mr Linky on Alyce's blog.

It's finally getting nice enough in my neck of the woods and get out an do some bike riding. This week I have posted a picture of a bike I saw a young man riding downtown last summer and I had to stop him and ask if I could take a picture of it. This is a project he has been working on for several years. He sends away to California for these gold parts he has put on this bike. He still has more to do but it is looking close to completion. More then the bike though- was the way he rode it down the sidewalks with his nose in the air looking for all the world like he "owned" it, you know what I mean? lol He was a great! And by the way- isn't the spare tire on the back awesome?!