Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Snapshot May 7th, 2011

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My son's Boy Scout troop took part in a community service project last weekend in Wadena, Minnesota. Last summer an F4 tornado took out part of the town, lots of trees, and the high school. Replant Wadena 2011 was a huge community effort to replace the trees that were lost. Boy Scouts from all over the state spent the weekend digging holes, planting trees and bushes and wrapping the new trees to guard them against critters. It rained on our tents the whole night before and it was windy and rainy most of the morning but together they planted over 2500 trees! I'm so proud of the hard work they did to help a community that was not even their own! As a Scout they learn what it means to be a good citizen, and this past weekend they put it into practice.


  1. That is a wonderful project! My son did his first year of cub scouts this year and he loves it. I look forward to doing projects like this with him someday(hopefully without the rain though).

  2. What a wonderful undertaking...great photo!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. That is a fantastic project! I bet you had a lot of tired and satisfied Scouts at the end of the day.

  4. @Alyce- I hope your son sticks with it. It's a fantastic program. He has learned so much and had so many great adventures. In fact, next month they will be building a raft out of trees and floating it down the Mississippi River!

    @Laurel- It was quite a job but they were real troopers!

    @Mary- It was one of their better community service projects.

    @Bermuda-my son was so tired he slept all the way home!

  5. What a great project! Hope your w/end and Mom's day was special Angie.

  6. Oh that is awesome Angie! What a great project - and in that weather!

  7. The scouts do a lot of wonderful projects. My nephew is an Eagle Scout and I've seen some of their work.

    I would be happy to plant trees but I draw the line at sleeping in a tent. I'm a daytime nature girl!