Monday, August 30, 2010

Due to Temporary Insanity this Blog is Closed Until Further Notice

I love this book blog, I really do. I have had a ball reading, reviewing, and chatting with all of you. Book bloggers are such a great (and supportive) community. Thanks for that!

Life, however, is getting in the way. My son recently had some reconstructive surgery done to his knee and physical therapy will be a daily occurrence. Add to that- my grandma is in hospice care and I have been helping take care of her. Her health is to the point where I will be spending nights with her because my grandpa is not able to do it by himself. I hope to eventually get to the point where I can start this up again, but it's kind of hard to take care of a book blog when you haven't (gasp!) finished a book in over a month.

Until I meet with you again- happy page turning to you!


  1. Sorry to hear that life is testing u at the moment.
    Take care for now Angie


  2. You certainly have a lot going on! I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible and that you are all doing ok.

  3. I know how you feel. I hardly blogged at all in August...just needed a break from the pressure (that I was putting on myself, of course). At one point around the blogosphere there was a blog button that said "Blogging Without Obligation" or something like that. I need to go find it :)

    Take care of 'life' and come back to the blogging world when you can.

  4. Angie I miss "blog talking" with you but totally get how life can get busy. :) Hang in there friend - we always have book club!