Thursday, March 25, 2010

Noah's Compass by Anne Tyler *Review*

Liam Pennywell is not the sort of man to argue...about anything.

He doesn't argue when his sister offers to bring him a pot of stew even though he hasn't eaten red meat for months, and he doesn't argue when he loses his teaching job to someone with less seniority. He just accepts.

But there's one thing that Liam can't accept, and that's having no memory of the brutal attack that left him bandaged and in a hospital bed.

Liam see this incident as a hole in his life. While others remark how he is lucky not to remember, Liam views the attack he can't remember as something that was taken from him that he wants to recover. He becomes obsessed with trying to figure out why bits and pieces aren't coming back to him. Shouldn't he remember a voice, a sound, a physical characteristic?

Then he meets Eunice Dunstead, a professional "rememberer" that he brings into his life to help jar his memory. Falling in love with this dumpy, overweight, bespectacled younger woman causes him to remember, but not in ways he would have thought.

This book was a welcome diversion from the heavier books of late. It was not a book I felt I had to concentrate too hard on. It just kind of flowed. I thought the characters were well developed- right down to his teenage daughter Kitty and her "praying mantis" pose that had me laughing as I had used that same "please, please, please" position on my parents when I was but a teen.

A good book, not action packed, but enjoyable.


  1. I liked this story a lot. I always like stories with an underdog like Liam. Glad u enjoyed it Angie.

  2. I also like stories about an underdog!

  3. I haven't read any Tyler in a while. This looks like just the one to bring me back to her writing.

  4. I haven't taken a look at a list of books she has written, but I don't think I've ever read Ann Tyler. I would read her again though.