Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Bookstore is a Dangerous Place for a Book Blogger to use the WiFi

Still stuck with dial up internet at home (I live in the boonies and I will NOT pay the price for satellite internet) I sometimes have to travel to places that have WiFi in order to update my family blog on Wordpress, my troop's Boy Scout website or By Book or By Crook.

There is an excellent pizza place I go to for a mini pizza on my lunchbreak that's relatively close to work that works well. If I have a lot of time I will pop over to the library but it's way across town so I don't do that all too often. My favorite- and most dangerous- place to haunt lately has been our local bookstore with WiFi and a coffee shop.

I try to get a lot of work done there, really I do but the shelves speak to me. I hear whispers and I swear sometimes the pictures on the book covers glow because I will catch a book out of the corner of my eye that would no way be in my field of vision if it would not glow.

I'll be updating our Boy Scout website about an upcoming hike we need to start preparing for and a whisper from the Regional section behind me will "psst" me that there's an excellent book on Hiking Trails in Minnesota.

I'll be updating my family blog and thinking of conversations I've had with my grandparents when a hum will come from the author coffee mugs they have sitting on a shelf near the coffee shop counter.

And when I'm visiting other book blogs or trying to write one of my own you might as well just forget it! The covers of books you have never heard of until a day or two ago all of a sudden just jump out at you from the shelves! I'll be walking through the fiction aisle looking for an Audrey Niffeneggar when a Kate Morton pushes her aside and then you know the gift card you got for Christmas will not even begin to cover the tax of what you'll be walking out with today.


  1. OH I SOO know what you mean - lately the book store in general is dangerous for me - I travel there, get sucked in and can spend HOURS! :)

  2. Book Crazy Jenn, it's such a colorful place. And it smells good too!

  3. I can so relate. My New Years resolution was drowned out by the books on the bookshelves. As a teacher my students order from Scholastic and those jump off of the page. It is worse when I get ready to place the order. My fingers seem to have a mind of their own. Book stores are the fantasy worlds we live in.

  4. Oh good -I thought that just happened to me! LOL Nice post!

  5. LOL! I guess you know you have lots of company :)

  6. What wonderful descriptions! Thanks for sharing.